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Two data and three directions of China’s Rubber Chemicals Industry

Two data and three directions of China's Rubber Chemicals Industry  

China's rubber chemicals industry started in 1952, the earliest localization of the accelerator M, in 1957  accelerator DPG, DM, TMTD,was produced ,in 1964,CBS and antioxidant 4010 was produced , in 1978 antioxidants RD and BLE was produced. The Industry has experienced 65 years of development, has formed a variety of rubber chemicals, including a complete industrial system, the world's rubber chemicals production and consumption of large countries, its production and sales have exceeded the world's total production of rubber chemicals 70 %, In the world has a pivotal position.

◆ The Two Data

1. Rubber Additive Production

2016 years, 1.12 million tons, China's rubber additives production accounted for more than 70% of the world. Of which 331,000 tons of antioxidants, 375,000 tons of antioxidants, processing aids 19.8 million tons, anti-scorching agent 22,000 tons, 19.8 million tons of vulcanizing agent and peroxide, special rubber additives 108,000 tons.

2. Rubber Consumption

China's rubber consumption has exceeded 9 million tons, global rubber consumption reached 28 million tons, China accounted for 33% of the global share, 70% of consumption for tires.

◆ The Three Directions

1. Environmental management and green additives

Since the national environmental protection supervision in 2016 since the upgrade, environmental protection has become a hot word industry, whether it is the factory is not the dealer have been affected by the long-term development of the factory will attach importance to environmental protection work.

Since the beginning of 2016, China has successfully released the list of toxic and harmful products to promote ZBEC, TBzTD, TIBTD, TIBTM, ZDIBC, MTT, NS, ZBPD, ZDTP, TBSI, vulcanizing agent DTDC, anti-scorching agent E, , Pre-dispersed additives as the representative of the green additives products increased attention and the amount of expansion.

2. Technological innovation

In recent years, rubber additives technology technology innovation capability has been strengthened, creating a national rubber chemicals engineering technology research center and a large number of provincial-level technology center, the industry's high-quality talent gradually increased for the industry products, process upgrades Provide power.

3. Intelligent and automated

China's rubber auxiliaries in the majority of labor-intensive state, according to statistics, per capita sales of less than one million yuan, with the world's advanced level of great difference, to today to improve the level of automated production, information technology, intelligent development has become China's rubber additives Industry continued to develop an important thrust.

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